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Saturday, March 25, 2017

There's still time to play along with Challenge #4

Sending Paw Prints supports our furry friends by collecting blank pet themed thank you handmade cards and donating them to animal shelters and rescue groups for them to write heartfelt thank you messages to donors, foster parents and volunteers.

Here are some inspirational cards made using one of the freebies linked in the challenge #4 post. To be honest, I'm hooked on this one so you'll probably be seeing more cards using this image. The print challenge was inspired by newspaper... animal shelters and rescue groups use lots of newspaper. If you subscribe to a newspaper before putting it in the trash bin reach out to your local animal shelter and rescue group to see if they are able to use it.

I have to be honest and say that I thought this challenge would be easy at first but after going through all my patterned paper thinking I had a bunch with print and finding none was stumped until I searched the dictionary definition of print and it said text. Then I found this image online and fell in love with it. So if you are feeling stumped think of this challenge as an anything goes challenge in that if it has a sentiment (that's text right), your good to go!!! :)

There's still time to play along with Challenge #4.

Click HERE for all the details.

The challenge closes on Friday, April 7, 2017.

Each and every single pet themed thank you handmade card is greatly appreciated by the animal shelters and rescue groups Sending Paw Prints donates cards to. I hope you will join me in supporting our furry friends.

Thank you for visiting Sending Paw Prints!
"Pets leave paw prints on our hearts!"


ike said...

How fabulous - I love these :-)

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